Larry's Lair
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Founding date:
February 9, 2017


Press / Business contact:

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IT University Copenhagen
Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 København S



Govern a city with ultimate surpreme political power! Enact laws and blame your friends! UNTERGANG is four-player co-located mobile multiplayer game, where you are tasked to rule a city towards its inevitable downfall.

There are several emerging troubles in the otherwise magnificent city, and it is up to the four supreme leaders to solve these problems. These supreme leaders have always been ruling over the city with relative success, though this has simply been when times were good. Now everything is turning around, times are bad, and the four supreme leaders must dictate and enact drastic laws in hopes to save the city. It’s the four leaders primary goal to save the city to the best of their ability, having to juggle with their political power, discuss news with the other leaders, enact laws that best fix the city’s problems, and blame those they think, will ultimately lead the city to its UNTERGANG.



Year 20xx: The world was at the brink of destruction, it had reached its limit on ignorance and indifference. The masses looked for a savior, one who could unite everyone under one banner. The cried out for release, for an unshackling of their debauched conformity. Wriggling and writhing in a mass of grey normality, with nowhere to go, they begged and cried, looking up towards heaven. And heaven answered, out of the darkness a man arrived, and with him, he brought absolution. He looked like an ordinary man, but a man on a special mission, he made it his life’s goal to expel the darkness of doubt from those around. He thought of something to aid those struck sick by boredom, he took out his hand and said “look hither, ye from far and wide, look ye and behold. For I maketh thee a torch, and I call it entertainment”.

Everyone looked upon him and asked “What are you?” He answered true, “I Larry Kane, defender of the real truth is nothing but a humble man, like you I walk two feet, like you I eat with my mouth, unlike you I laugh at incompetence”. Amidst this chaos Larry entrusted my five disciples of the real truth, to forge a super awesome app, a game in fact. And for the third and final time Larry spoke once again “I shall leave you now, for this is a place of mortals, and in knowing me, I am no longer alive”. Larry left our world, but his disciples stayed behind, and boy did they make some awesome shit.


Untergang Teaser Trailer:  YouTube



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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Carl Johan Hanberg
Product Owner, Lead Game Designer

Jonas Venzel Hingeberg Madsen
Project Manager, Programmer

Alexander Artiles Jerrik
Game Designer, Concept Developer

Frederik Skytte Hummelgaard Nielsen
Artist, Game Designer

Rasmus Bons
Lead Programmer

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